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Summer Work for Students Entering Kindergarten 

Things to Practice to be Ready for Kindergarten


·        State first and last name.

·        Recite their phone number and address.

·        Use appropriate 3-finger grasp when using pencils and scissors.

·        Know all the letters in their first name.

·        Know basic colors.

·        Know basic shapes.

·        Identify numerals 1-10 in random order.

·        Identify most upper and lowercase letters.

·        Use fingers to accurately count items to 10.

·        Use restroom and wash hands independently.

·        Be able to sit for a story for 5-10 minutes.

·        Clean up after themselves.

·        Share materials and toys with other children.

·        Be confident and ready to separate from parents.

·        Work on tying shoes.


Prior to Kindergarten beginning, you can read some Kindergarten books to your child to help ease the transition and overcome some fears that they might have. Here are a few suggestions, but there are many more:


The Night Before Kindergarten                  Kindergarten Here I Come

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

On the First Day of Kindergarten               Countdown to Kindergarten               




  Math Readiness for Kindergarten


Play games with your child to prepare for Kindergarten.

·        Go Fish, Memory, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Connect 4, Hi Ho Cherry-O, and so on.

·        Counting games

·        Sort socks by color, size, and/or match  

·        Sort objects by color or shape

·        Have children spot signs and tell you their shape and color.




Reading to a child each day for 20 minutes will benefit children in learning to read and becoming lifelong readers. Here are some ways to build a better reader:

·        Create reading rituals and read together every day.

·        Talk about the pictures and ask questions.

·        Share different kinds of books.

·        Read with expression.

·        Read favorite books again and again.

·        Record yourself reading and play it on car trips.


Summer Reading


Please select 5 books for July and 5 books for August from the list of great authors below and read them to your children over the summer.  Print the Reading Logs and have your child color a shape on the Reading Log for each book that they have read. You can include 2 nonfiction books during the summer reading. There are some topic ideas at the bottom. Enjoy!


Great Fiction Author Recommendations:


John Archambault                             Eric Carle

Tomie DePaolo                                  Kevin Henkes

Ezra Jack Keats                                 Stephen Kellogg

Bill Martin, Jr.                                   A.A. Milne

Laura Numeroff                                 Peter H. Reynolds

Margaret and H.A. Rey                       Dr. Seuss

Shel Silverstein                                 Janet and Susan Stevens

Chris Van Allsburg                             Judith Viorst

Mo Willems                                       Audrey and Don Wood

                            Jane Yolen (& Mark Teague)

Any fairy tale books are wonderful as well!

If you have a different author that you like, then please go right ahead and read books by that author.


Nonfiction Topics

 Please choose 2 books during the summer reading that are nonfiction books to read to your child.  

Some topics that you can select are:

Animals                              Dinosaurs           Biographies/Autobiographies

  Planets                        Weather



Name ________________________________________


July Reading Log


Each time you read a book, or someone reads a book to you, color an ice cream cone!                     











            Name ________________________________________

August Reading Log

Each time you read a book, or someone reads a book to you, color a bucket and shovel!