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Alicia Freeland/LeBeau Staff Photo


Preschool: Art Mediums 

Students will explore different art mediums. 

Kindergarten: Masters of Art

Students learn about famous artists and how they viewed the world through art.

First Grade: Shapes and Forms:

Students explore the use of shapes and forms in art. 

Second Grade: Art Processes

Students delve into different ways to make art.

Third Grade: Art Around the World

Students investigate Non-Western Cultures through art.

Fourth Grade: Landscapes and Still-Lifes

Students explore the art of places and objects.

Fifth Grade: The Art of People

 Students analyze portraits to influence their own interpretations.

Sixth Grade: Art History

Students will learn about ancient civilizations through their art.

Seventh Grade: Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Students understand the building blocks and language of art.

Eight Grade: Creative Thinking through Art

Students engage in projects that encourage critical thinking processes.