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Mrs. Persinger 6th, 7th & 8th ELA


Reading & Vocabulary (8th Grade)

The Reading Program, as part of the Middle School Language Arts Curriculum, stresses the goals set forth for the entire school: to make literature an integral part of the program, to strengthen vocabulary, and to introduce a variety of literary genres to the students.  Both the      Reading and Vocabulary programs align with Common Core standards.


Theme-based units in reading allow for meaningful explorations of new as well as classic literature selections relevant to the lives of adolescents. Vocabulary skills are enhanced within supplemented reading activities taught through individual as well as group novels.


English & Written Expression(6th, 7th & 8th)

English and Written Expression teach students to express themselves both verbally as well as through the use of the written word.  Students will learn to become better writers through the study and application of grammar, punctuation, and written expression ideas.  Throughout the course, students will be working to not only improve their knowledge of grammar, but they will do so through the analysis of writing applications with grammar as well as through the practice of written expression.

Students complete various writing assignments throughout the year. Both 6th and 8th grade students complete biweekly journals based on “real life” writing prompts as well as “quick writes” where students are encouraged to write freely based on a selected poem or excerpt from a novel or news article. 


6th & 7th grade students complete a minny research paper based on using biographical research done on a character or theme that ties into a current historical fiction novel.  Students are guided through the writing process using current research requirements as well as learning the MLA writing format.


8th grade students complete a research paper based on a teacher approved topic. Students complete a ten step planning process where technology is used to complete research as well as the final paper in MLA formatting.

6th, 7th & 8th Writing

Annual Fire Safety Essay  

Patriot's Pen Essay Contest          8th  Grade Year End Research Paper

Catholic Schools Week Essay          American Author Critiques

STAR Reading Assessments - Star Reading Assessments are administered to students at least three times per year.  Testing scores as well as lexile reading levels are shared with students individually as well as with parents. Star Reading assessments track student development using standards-based, computer-assessments that evaluate a students’ reading comprehension, while monitoring achievement and growth. Focus skills used in testing are aligned with Delaware state standards.


Grade 7 Religion   

Building on the foundation you have given your children, All Saints Catholic School will continue their formation in our Catholic faith through daily prayer, liturgies, sacraments and other religious activities.