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Welcome to Middle School Science

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The series we are using,  HMH Science Dimensions™, is designed from the ground up to address the Next Generation Science Standards*.

Activity driven lessons puts students in charge of their learning and enables seamless guidance on this new instructional path. This unique design means better engagement, deeper understanding, and greater student achievement.

Designed for an inspiring, high-impact learning experience, HMH Science Dimensions creates a supportive instructional path and a dynamic learning environment for students. Students are guided to learn through exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—in short, to think like scientists.

Using the  interactive worktexts, students collect evidence, write about it, discuss their findings, and explain their results—advancing both their literacy skills and their understanding of science concepts.

Features such as Engineer It!  integrated throughout lessons elevate engineering design to the same level as science literacy, and motivating career profiles get students thinking about STEM opportunities.

At the middle school level, 12 topical modules cover Life, Earth & Space, Physical Science, and Engineering.

During science class, students will take notes, view video presentations and work in the science lab regularly. Assessments will include periodic review of workbooks, performance assessments,  and informal class assignments as well as quizzes and tests.