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Welcome to Physical Education!

2019 -2020


Fitness Gram


Fitness Gram


Jump and Play




Congratulations to Kadyn Carpenter and Dante Gravino ASCS overall Badminton Champions 2019


Congratulations to Larysa Pohorylo and Noah and Nemeth the ASCS Elementary Badminton Champions 2019




Emphasis: Play with a Purpose


Goals: To recognize the benefits and pleasures of having a physically active lifestyle.


Teach and learn honesty and fair play.


Motivate students to improve their health and wellness.


Focus on cooperative learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.



End Result: Physical activity improves academic achievement!



Rules: Come to class dressed in gym uniform and ready to participate.


Respect all calls made by the official/teacher.


Listen and follow direction.


Take Care of the equipment.


Play safely!!!


Have a good time!!!




Expectations: Always give your best effort....never "give up!" 


Always be prepared to help out if a class member needs help.


Always show good sportsmanship "encourage others!"