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Welcome to Mrs. Stinchcombe's Website

 I am lucky enough to have almost every single student in one of my classes. I teach technology as a special to kindergarten through 8th grade. In addition to technology, I will have the 6th and 7th graders for the reading and vocabulary section of English language arts.  






8th Grade Homeroom information can be found HERE.


Want to learn a bit more about me? 

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I am passionate about the need for today's students to learn how to effectively use computer technology in a variety of ways. Many children use technology on a daily basis for communication, entertainment, and education. My goal is to expand their abilities, to help them become digital citizens, collaborators, and creators.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Areas we'll cover (depending on grade)


  • Computing Systems

  • Keyboarding and Mouse Skills

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Programming and Algorithms

  • Data and Analysis
  • Multimedia Creation

  • Impacts of Computing

  • Research Tools

  • Networks and the Internet



English Language Arts


Grading Policy:

My class covers the reading and vocabulary parts of English language arts. As a result, students receive grades from me in two seperate subjects. Grading will be broken down as follows:

  • 7th Reading/Literature

    • 10% Reading Goals

    • 90% will be determined by the points assigned to each assignment.
  • 6th Grade - Readers Workshop
    • Goals - 15%
    • Weekly Work - 15%
    • Classwork - 30%
    • Projects - 40%
  • Vocabulary

    • 55% Summative Assignments (tests)

    • 45% Formative Assignments (workbook, homework)


Late Work:

As with all classes, students will also receive a conduct and an effort grade. The effort grade plays directly into my late work policy. I am of the opinion that my goal as a teacher is to have my students reach mastery of the  Common Core State Standards. These do not include a standard regarding promptness. I understand that sometimes family obligations or outside activities come up. Therefore in my class, while assignments will have a due date, students have the ability to hand in assignments late. They must complete a missing work form to let me know the assignment is outstanding, and the reason why it is late. Parents will be emailed a copy of these forms. If the student has had five missing assignments in a trimester I will be contacting the parents to arrange a conference. Late work will also effect is the student's effort grade. Handing work in on time shows that a student is putting forth the best possible effort towards my class.



If a student feels like they can produce a better result in terms of work they've handed in, in most cases I will work with them to create an opportunity for reassessment of that assignment or an attempt to show mastery of a standard. The student must be willing to put in the extra work to master the concept, after which I will allow them a new assessment.


Plagarism and Cheating

Because my goal is mastery of a set of standards, one issue I will have no tolerance or flexibility about is plagiarism. As stated in our handbook, "All students are expected to maintain academic honesty. Do not claim or imply that someone else’s work, image, text, music, or video is your own. This is plagiarism and will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is also when you incorporate a piece of someone else’s work into your own without giving them appropriate credit.” The explanation goes on from there, and I recommend every student and parent becomes familiar with the policy. If a student is either copying a classmate's work or work they have found from another source (for instance on the internet) they are in no way showing their mastery of the given topic. Therefore, the work will be graded a zero and in these cases, I will not provideany opportunity for the student to make up this work. Given that time is rarely a pressing issue in handing in assignments in my class there should be no reason for plagiarism to occur.


To see my classroom procedures go HERE.