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New Students Entering Pre K 4 

Pre - K Three & Four

Summer Reading & Math Assignments


All activities are suggestions. Nothing will be due at the beginning of the school year.



Read at least 10 minutes each day.

Visit your local library & join their summer reading challenge. Your child will be given free books and other prizes for different reading intervals.

Practice identifying the letters in their name. Practice spelling their name. Practice writing their name.

Start a summer journal: Have your child draw a picture and dictate the sentence or story to you.


Practice counting 1-10 (higher if they can).

Look for different shapes while driving, walking or throughout the house.

Play I Spy to help identify colors

Play sorting games - sort the items from the grocery store (group by food group, colors, cabinets they go in etc), or laundry (group by size, type of clothing, color, etc)


Self Help Skills

Dress/Undress self

Use zipper independently

Use bathroom independently


Have a fantastic summer! We look forward to seeing you in September!

Mrs. Dzielak (Pre-K 3) and Mrs. Boyle (Pre-K 4)