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Summer Reading and Math List 


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• Children (and/or parents) should decide on 11 books available at a local library or bookstore. A suggested list is provided below.

• After reading each book, the child should complete a page in the packet provided.

• Children should bring their packets on the first day of school.


“Research shows that students who do not make reading a part of their summer routine experience the infamous “summer slide”. They lose some reading and cognitive skills gained during the school year and begin the next school year behind their peers.”


The purpose is to read at least ONE book per week! (Don’t wait until August; that defeats the purpose! We hope you’ll read even more!!) You will be helping your little one establish good reading habits and help them to learn pacing on big assignments!




1st Grade Summer Math 


Math is very much a part of our everyday lives.  This summer include your child in a variety of the following activities:

·        Sorting and counting anything and everything!  Beach toys, laundry, groceries…

·        Noticing patterns…in gardens, fabrics, buildings, signs, numbers…

·        Identifying shapes…for example:  triangle-“yield” signs, rectangle-books, pillows, building shapes, circle-tires, umbrellas, etc.

·        Identifying coins

Also consider joining your little one in “playing” one of the following:

~Internet sites:,,

~Free Apps:  Todo Math, Splash Math, Math Cards (Horizon Business, Inc.)

Feel free to explore, find, and share with us other sites and apps that your child enjoy!

We’re counting on you to have a number one summer!

Mrs. Budd


1st Grade Summer Reading

Summer Response Log