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Summer Reading List 

Summer Reading:

Students entering 3rd grade are required to read three books from the following list this summer: Soft Rain by Cornelia Cornelissen, Henry and Ribsy by Beverly Cleary, any Boxcar Children book by Gertrude Chandler Warner, The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling, Clemetine by Sara Pennypacker, any Magic School Bus chapter book by Joanna Cole, or Freckle Juince by Judy Blume. 

 A book report needs to be completed for two of the three books, and be prepared to take an AR test in September on all three books. Either the "flower petal" paper may be completed as the book report (with year end report card) or the book report should include the ASCS Heading, the title, author, main characters, setting and a summary of the book. A paragraph with four or more sentences describing a summary of the book is plenty. One of those sentences should include why they liked or disliked the book.

Summer Math:

Students entering 3rd grade need to know their addition and subtraction facts and how to add and subtract with regrouping. Please spend time each day with math facts over the summer. A great resource is Accelerated Reader/ Math Facts link:


If your student has a yearly average of D in any subject, please strongly consider the below listed information to improve their skills. If your student has failed any subject for the year, it is required that they take the following coursework in each failed subject: